View from motel room -- House Motel, Rocky Mountain House.
July 28, 2011
Downtown at the end of the street in two direction. I revelled in the view, a welcome respite from flat Edmonton.
I also delayed an extra day to draw. My second day there (the first was just to recover from my first-day ride). I completed three drawings and then discovered I could do at least three more, which I did the next day. I love them. The are some of my favourite drawings. They have made my trip worthwhile. This morning I was ready to leave, and thrilled to be on the road again. (The body was becoming lazy.)
Highway 22 South of Rocky was almost as busy as High. 22 North of Rocky complete with Logging Trucks (and other heavy duties). But I am Highway Wise. My ears are attentive and when I heard on behind me I dismounted and waited. I know the drivers were appreciative. Approximately ten miles South of Rocky I heard a Rufeus-sided Towhee and others almost to High. 54. A Redtail also flew from its perch as I rode by.
A tall stand/area of Spruce beckoned me beside the road and I rested there for a while. The trees were incredibly tall, and yet not that large in circumference.
Before that, however, approx. four miles South of High. 11 (on High. 22) I crossed the Clearwater River. Splendid. The Evergreen trees were growing to the edge of the river and the riverbank only contained Evergreen trees. They grew very straight. A beautiful sight.
South on High. 22 the approach to High. 54 was sublime. The end of High. 22 meeting 54 was a valley: the Clearwater River Valley. A campsite was nestled at the bottom but the River was unavailable to me. I would have like to spend some time there. I arrived in Caroline at about 1 PM and checked into the pristine Caroline Motel. Staying will be a joy.