September 15, 1984 Saturday
Last bicycle trip of the season
stopped for a coffee/snack at Legal
generally flat country containing only one hawk
thirty miles in one and a half hours
(wind behind me)
two women cyclists (dressed in long pants and jackets)
passed me INTO the wind (no envy there)
I'm in my summer clothing
temperature 19 C.

I decided to stay in Westlock instead of Clyde (which is so much more appealing for services).
in Westlock I am guaranteed a good meal (which I had)

The hill from Rochester (West)
Arrived in "Athapasca" much too early (about 3:30) so I will not waste any time and I will go exploring immediately (some rock hunting) then tomorrow will be drawing day. Two Red-tail hawks on the way here. One flew right in front of me. Lovely. They show a laziness about them.
the end of the season?
But they need much energy to fly.
Beautiful ride to here. And beautiful here. The land of the Athapascans. There was no place to stop for coffee (except Rochester, which was inoperative on Sundays). Lovely Valley.

Athabasca Townsite
Athabasca Townsite
NW of Athabasca, Highway 2
NW of Athabasca, Highway 2
NW of Athabasca, Highway 2
NW of Athabasca, Highway 2
The Hill Leaving Athabasca: Highway 55 East
bicycled to Island Lake (on Highway 2) N.W. of Athabasca to see some north country before I leave (which is tomorrow) I was rewarded by beauty and shades of colour that was endless (the tones from yellow to red resplendent) I took endless photographs of scenes I want to paint and just scenes that were so beautiful, I can still see those colours
Landscape drawing
I hated to leave Athapasca this morning – the colours so beautiful. But I will return again. So I took a photograph of the town. The road Gran Atha. to the turnoff to Grassland was monotonous (but never boring!). I am so glad I took the trip this time of the year – the colours! Such a feast. A lovely wooded area before Grassland. In the cafe I am looking at a tall stand of evergreens. Majestic. Lovely. How I wish I could see the equivalent from my favourite restaurant in Edmonton! – But not in this dispensation. I spent some time yesterday exploring Atha. How I would love to live there! (or a place similar). I could be happy amongst such lovely woods, and lakes and prairie not far away. Much to paint in the Fall. I could spend many years painting there. Atha. has history. The Atha. River flows accessibly through. There is an old building there with suites upstairs and a studio space below. I would love the winters in that town.
Clipping about Lac la Biche
Arrived in Lac la Biche about 4:30 p.m. after experiencing a refreshing shower (or two). Needless to say the country is gorgeous. Saw a Great Blue Heron, a Merlin, a Broad-Winged Hawk, and a flock of Canada Geese – which I noticed from their calls to each other. How they communicate! Each letting the other know that they are wanting to change or take position. Wonderful to see.
Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park

Dene-zaa People Red-Tailed Hawk Great Blue Heron Merlin Broad Winged Hawk Canada Geese